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everything, forsakes everyone and annihilates himself in the fire of Divine Love. In the second aspect, he loves humanity at large as being part and parcel of GOD. Here, the lover forgets his own interests, forsakes his own happiness and tries to make others happy or uplifted. If this love reaches its height, he also, like the Divine Lover, forgets himself completely and is lost in Love, and Love alone."


After dwelling at length on the Fiery Life possibilities and its GOD-ordained result, BABA then said, addressing Krishna Swami, who was present in the congregation: "Ask GOD to help me in my Fiery Life to accomplish what GOD has ordained."


Once again everyone stood up with BABA to join Krishnaji in offering the prayer, which he did in his own words in English with great emotion, invoking GOD's choicest blessings on BABA; but he surprised everyone when he closed the prayer by saying . . . "And I feel BABA is GOD," the surprise being that, since the New Life phase, BABA had not permitted any of his people to openly acknowledge his spiritual status.


Finally, the following message, which was dictated at Meherabad, the previous day, was read out:


"All these years, I have been recognized as a Sadguru and the Avatar. Later, in my New Life, I lived the life of an aspirant in order to achieve complete mental annihilation. During the period of my Free Life, I have been leading the dual role of strength and weakness, and simultaneously the roles of Master and devotee. Before plunging into my Fiery Life, I intend for the first and last time to pay homage to the three Masters with whom I have been connected, viz., Sai Baba, Upasni Maharaj and Babajan, at their respective resting places (Shirdi, Sakori; and Poona). I shall then proceed to Bombay, bow down at the feet of masts and saints there, and then plunge into the Fiery Life wherein I will be the Lover of GOD!"





On the afternoon of the 14th of November, BABA, as is characteristic of him, arrived at Meherabad a good while in advance of the time fixed for him and his party of about twenty-five men, to start from there on the first stage of the Mass Darshan Tour.


BABA looked ill and complained of running a temperature, pain in the throat and an uncomfortable feeling in the abdomen. "The doctors cannot,




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