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Out of the Air Falling ...

I, BABA, the All-Miraculous, the All-Loving Master  
Essence of the Most High, Incarnation of the Unknown . . .  
I, BABA, am with you . . . the least of you...sifting, embracing, possessing  
I gather mine own from the uttermost depths, from the impassible heights;  
Not one thought, not one image is lost; they are garnered by me . . .  
Think not thou art far off, alone, lost, bereft.  
I also am far off, alone, lost, bereft.  
I gather the jewels of love falling from your hearts.  
I shape you to Wholeness, I restore you utterly to Love.  
The earth will tremble, the seas be shaken, the skies be dissolved in red rain,  
But those who follow my Way, who live my new life, shall remain  
(Even though the flesh be scattered to blown dust)  
Imperishable, immortal, eternal in the Heart of the Lotus,  
In My Heart with Me, with BABA the unconquerable Lover, . . . the Perfect Master.



I Am The Star . . .


I am the Star . . . The Light in the East

Rising over the valleys . . . the plains, the mountains

Ride ye Kings, bring gold, myrrh, frankincense!

Lift your heads, 0 ye shepherds!

Behold the Star, the God-star from the Ever-Abiding:

Lo, I am here, BABA, the All-Compassionate Master

I am the Star . . . the Light in the East;

The Master of Love returned . . . unchanged and unchanging.




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