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 The Master's Prayer


THIS PRAYER was dictated by BABA , and during the twenty-one days of BABA's special work (the thirteenth of August to the second of September, 1953) it was recited every day by one of the Mandali in BABA'S presence. The Gujarati translation of the Prayer was also read out, by another of the Mandali




Large letter OPARVARDIGAR, the Preserver and Protector of All,

You are without Beginning, and without End;

Non-dual, beyond Comparison; and none can measure You.


You are without color, without expression, without form, and without attributes.


You are unlimited and unfathomable, beyond imagination and conception; eternal and imperishable.


You are indivisible; and none can see You, but with eyes Divine.


You always were, You always are, and You always will be,


You are everywhere, You are in everything; and You are also beyond everywhere and beyond everything.


You are in the firmament and in the depths, You are manifest and unmanifest; on all planes, and beyond all planes.


You are in the three worlds, and also beyond the three worlds;


You are imperceptible and independent.


You are the Creator, the Lord of Lords, the Knower of all minds and hearts; You are Omnipotent and Omnipresent.


You are Knowledge Infinite, Power Infinite, and Bliss Infinite.


You are the Ocean of Knowledge, All-Knowing, Infinitely-Knowing; the Knower of the past, the present and the future, and You are Knowledge itself.


You are All-merciful and eternally benevolent;


You are the Soul of souls, the One with infinite attributes;


You are the Trinity of Truth, Knowledge, and Bliss;


You are the Source of Truth, the Ocean of Love;


You are the Ancient One, the Highest of the High; You are Prabhu and Parameshwar; You are the Beyond-God, and the Beyond-Beyond-God also; You are Parabrahma; Allah; Elahi; Yezdan; Ahuramazda; and God the Beloved.


You are named Ezad: i.e., the only One worthy of worship.



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