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To receive my grace, you must obey me wholeheartedly with the firm foundation of unshakable faith in me. And you can only obey me spontaneously as I want when you completely surrender yourselves to me so that my wish becomes your law and my love sustains your being.


Age after age, many aspire for such a surrender; but only very few really attempt to surrender themselves to me completely as I want.


He, who succeeds, ultimately not only finds me, but becomes me and realises the aim of life.


My being in your midst today would serve its purpose even if one from this multitude has understood what I want you all to know.


I give my blessings to you all.


* * *






HIS FEBRUARY, on the twenty-fifth, according to the Western calendar, MEHER BABA will be sixty years old.


But the real BABA can never grow old; the real BABA is eternal.


Who is this "real BABA," whom he says we have never seen?


This "real BABA" is our Real Self . . . the One, Divine Self that is in each and every one of us, but whom we have not yet realized . . . whom we have not yet joined, in the Eternal Marriage of Love, Knowledge and Bliss Infinite.


MEHER BABA is One with this Great Soul of the Universe; he is that Divinity fully expressed in man. Some of us feel this intuitively. Some know it by grace; that is, by the will of the Master, who floods the heart with this blinding revelation of his Identity; as Saul knew the Christ, "not through my knowledge, nor the knowledge of any man, but through revelation in Jesus Christ." And some advanced souls or Pilgrims recognize him through their spiritual or occult knowledge, as the wise men recognized the "Star" or Aura of the Babe in Bethlehem. Others, more humble, know him only through faith, through the love he has awakened in them, by little signs and touches of his unfathomable mercy. "There have been Buddhas before me and there will be Buddhas after," said the Gautauma, predicting the greatest one would bear a name meaning Mercy. MEHER BABA means Father of Mercy. "Whenever there is a decline of virtue and a resurgence of evil and injustice in the world, I, the Avatar, take human form," said Krishna.


Our namaskar to Him Who Has Come Again . . . The Awakener Divine!





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