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"Miyan-e aashiko maashuk heech haayal neest;


Tu khud hijab-e khudi, Hafiz, uz miyan barkheez."


     i.e.: "There is no barrier between the lover and the Beloved;


Hafiz, lift yourself aside, you are yourself the covering over Self."


Kabir, referring to the removal of the seven folds of the Veil, says:


"Teray ghoongat kay pat khol, tuje Ram milayga."


"Open the folds of your veil, and you shall find God."


The ghoongat literally means the covering that a woman extends over her head and face in a number of folds. In spiritual parlance, it represents the heavy folds of ignorance that keep man hidden from his Real Identity. The lifting of it fold by fold corresponds to the stage-by-stage journey of a pilgrim from the first to the fifth plane of the Divine Path.


The "Veil" that separates a man-in-ignorance from God, Who is all knowledge, is so subtle that even the highest and finest thought cannot grasp it. This Veil consists of seven folds of seven different deep colours. Each fold is tied with a separate knot—thus there are seven knots to the seven folds. The seven colours represent the seven root desires corresponding to the seven fundamental impressions, i.e., lust, greed, anger, etc., connected with the seven openings of sensation in the face, viz.: 1) mouth, 2) right nostril, 3) left nostril, 4) right ear, 5) left ear, 6) right eye, 7) left eye.


In reality and as the only Reality, Soul is always God, without beginning and without end.


The False Illusion begins with the descent of the Soul in seven material stages and the Real Illusion ends with the ascent of the Soul to the seventh spiritual Plane.


God is macrocosm, God is microcosm, and GOD is also always beyond both. Knowingly man is body and man is mind, but unknowingly, as in deep sleep, man is also beyond both.


Analogically, it is true that man is made in the image of God. The top of his head represents the Vidnyan Bhumika, Arshe-Aala, the Highest Spiritual State, or the seat of Brahma. The forehead is equal to the entrance to Divinity. The centre of the forehead, just above the two external eyes, is the seat of the inner or third eye. When the "Veil" with all its seven folds is finally removed, man is then able, through the third eye, to see God face to face and see Him more actually and naturally than what he is ordinarily able to see of his body and the world through the two external eyes. In order to arrive at the divine entrance situated in the forehead, man has to pass




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