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Awake! 0 sword and harp.

Awake, O Word, green depths of us to fruitfulness. Do not be longer choked,

0 small streams and rivers of us, by our heaped earth upon you, but rise,

And flood our lives with your singing.




"Perhaps it is because our own human nature is still so unredeemed that some of us deny a God who dares to be human. Yet, logically, a Perfect One, whose work is the redemption of mankind, must be perfect in his humanity. He should function with all the powers of the human being raised to the nth degree. Whatever the human mind may conceive as comprising the fulfilled personality, he should have: that inner beauty which expresses itself as grace, charm and compassion; that inner poise which gives detachment and a sense of humor; that inner joy which expresses itself in work and in play. He should be human as well as God-like; and he should at all times express the ecstasy and peace of God. Otherwise, the `Word made flesh' is a contradiction in terms. God, to be God, the incarnate Avatar, should be Master of all masters and masteries. Such a Master, Baba is.


“His purpose for his disciples is so to train them that they too shall make the whole of life an unbroken meditation, such as Kabir describes:


"He is the real Sadguru, who can reveal the form of the Formless to the vision of these eyes;

Who teaches the simple way of attaining to Him that is other than rites and ceremonies;

Who does not make you close the doors, and hold the breath, and renounce the world;

Who makes you perceive the Supreme Spirit wherever the mind attaches itself;

Who teaches you to be still in the midst of all your activities.

Ever immersed in bliss, having no fear in his mind, he keeps the spirit of Union in the midst of all enjoyments.

The infinite dwelling of the Infinite Being is everywhere: in earth, water, sky, and air;

Firm as the thunderbolt, the seat of the seeker is established above the void;

He who is within is without: I see Him and none else.”


—JEAN ADRIEL, in "Avatar. "




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