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Shri Meher Baba

His Philosophy and Teachings


Compiled from His Own Dictation





“When the mystics tell us of many things unseen," says Sir Oliver Lodge, "we should not discredit them. We should be chary of saying things are impossible and absurd—because we do not know what is impossible."


Similarly, if we look at the moon with the naked eye and again through a telescope, the view is bound to differ completely. But this does not mean that the first impression was false; rather, the second sight means getting more and fuller knowledge, which would still be found "wrong" by the man who reaches the moon. The same can be said about explaining and understanding mysticism and spiritual philosophy until God is actually realized.


Almost the whole of the subject matter of this compilation was personally dictated to me by the Master during the last five or six years of his silence*, but I am indebted to Mr. H. J. Dastur for some literary changes made in my original compositions. A prolonged spell of illness has provided me with the time and opportunity of bringing out my notes in the shape of this little book; though I must admit that but for the untiring help and patience of Mr. Feramroj Bejani Workingboxwala in assisting a sick man, this would have been impossible.


Ramjoo Abdulla

Nasik, 21st of September, 1933.




HAT IS GOD? It is possible for, and indeed is the birthright of, every man and woman to realize and experience personally the One Spirit underlying the reply to this question, which can otherwise be answered in a number of ways and words.


This may appear to be empty idealism, in this so-called practical world, in which only a few care to think of and ponder over this vital question, fewer feel the spirit underlying it, and still fewer have realized the Spirit through


*This book was written in 1933. We reprint it serially by special permission of the author.




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