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I  love  YOU  BABA   because 



You love me;


You created me, and are creating me still;


You, knowing the worst of me, believe in the best ;


You are pure Loving-Kindness;


You are supreme Beauty . . . the Loveliest Thing in the Universe;


You are Purity itself and can only Purify ;


You are Free and I am Bound, and this gives me hope ;


You are my Own True Self, the Real One among all the false;


You are Humor, Gaiety, and Light-hearted Cheer,

though you bear all the Suffering of the World;


You are my True Beloved, the One I have been seeking in all others;


You are God's Form on earth; His Silent Word of Love made Flesh;


You are God's Fire of Love that Consumes all my dross ;


You are the Water of Forgiveness poured on my Thirsty Heart;


You are my Heart's Companion and Life would be unbearable without You;


You are the Divine Friend Who never lets me down;


You are the Song of Life and I hear You in everything;


You are the Light and without You, all is Darkness;


You are the Perfect Knowledge perfectly used;


You are the Divine Link between God and man, and

You come down again and again to bring us back to Him;


You are Love, nothing but Love, and for That Love,

                           the whole Creation Exists.


- a devotee




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