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Called a "Christian before Christ," he taught that LOGOS, the immanent Reason of the Universe, is ONE, but manifests Himself in a multiplicity of beings and things.


In other words, the transitory aspects of permanent Reality explain the apparent dualities in the world. Thus, nothing certain could be learned from the fleeting impressions received by the three-dimensional human mind. The message of Heraclitus was a call to "wake up," but it is man's dubious privilege to lock himself up in his own narrow world of ignorance and illusion. Only a very few are given the ecstatic vision of truth; the others are acting in the darkness until comes the Master.


An ominous red cloud has risen on the horizon; humanity faces it with awe. Is it a glorious dawn of a new era, when the harnessed atom will completely alter the present conditions and man, living in prosperity and peace, will grow to a stature more divine than human!? Or is it a stormy sunset that will be followed by a long night of other Dark Ages?


Once more the great Awakener is among us. He might speak soon and we shall know what we are facing—Sunset or Dawn.


Meher Baba: July 21, 1956


Beautiful Spirit, Initiator, Attainer and Realizer,


Master and Interpreter of Immortality:


I came to Thee as a penitent child to his father.


I came to Thee as a lover to his adored one.


I came to Thee as a pilgrim to his shrine.


I sought Thee until Thou didst find me.


I hungered for Thee until Thou didst feed me.


I knew Thee not until Thou didst recognize me.



Translator of Time, Traverser of Distances,


Delineator of Consciousness, Transmitter of Eternity:


I was as a shore yearning for the sweep of the sea.


I was as a dark wood aspiring for the flame-crested orb.


I was as the parched earth languishing for the life-giving rain.


O, Mighty Ocean of Immortality, Thou didst sweep over my melancholy

strand with the passion of an irresistible torrent.


Thou didst inundate my soul with the Beauty of Thy Features, the

Joy of Thy Presence, the Intoxication of Thy Awareness.


O, Purifier of the dross of my own gross self, Thou didst cleanse my being,

redeem my mortality, absorb my frailties


Like the roll of the deep didst Thou sweep over my limited frame.


Like the wind-swept wave didst Thou drown me in Thy limitless Love.


Like a foam-capped undulation of the undefined universe didst Thou

     encompass me in Thy Infinite Mercy.


And I, who knew not one whit of myself, am now an instrument of universal awareness.

 And I who feared the restraint of my illusory flesh know now the ecstasy of unreserved      consciousness. And I who knew not the merest tittle of my own meaning know now the      great secret of all things.


I walk by day in the light of the Master's sure knowledge.


I pause by night in the guarded calm of my Redeemer's shade.


I sleep in the seal of my Savior’s Protective Shield of Love.


I hear with the ears of men the Words of my Translator.


I see with the eyes of men the Resplendence of my Signifier.


I sense with the intuition which stems from God the Presence of the


     Lover and the Beloved Entwined.   


I thank Thee for Thy Gifts.


     I hail Thee for Thy Presence.


       I adore Thee for Thy Meaning.


—M (NO) P




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