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of our normal lives. When is it spoken? When we are ready to hear it. For us it will take place when the seed of love springs up in our hearts and our lives are changed. Though it will enter the hearts of all men, it will not be heard by all, for seed does not always germinate but often lies inert on stony and barren ground. Baba's sensational act is in our interior world, and unless it explodes into activity there it will be for us as though the Word had never been spoken. For whatever we hear with the outer ear conveys no spiritual Word unless it is heard also by the inner ear in our productive silence.






When one has once met Sadguru

There is no such thing as separation;

To do His work is to he constantly in His presence,

Since His work is not different from Himself.

Sadguru is not limited by time or space;

He is in one’s heart and one is in His heart forever.

Powers, even illuminations are the dreams of children;

To become non-existent in Him is the hope and vision of the real devotees.

The real servants of God can never have sufficient lives to offer Him;

Every moment to them is a fresh opportunity to offer themselves in His service.

His will functions in time but has nothing to do with times

Therefore His servants are always with Him.

To look upon Sadguru is to see God and His universe;

There is none beside Him. Appearance of “other"

Is due solely to the illusion of His creation.

When one has once met Sadguru such relative terms

As bondage and freedom become meaningless:

Even He is bound, yet He remains eternally free.

To follow Him, means freedom in bondage;

To serve Him, means to be bound in freedom.




Reprinted by special permission of the author from "7 Stars to Morning."




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