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full of worldly things, his family, his business and so on. Thus, instead of bowing down to the Real "I," he bows down to other innumerable forms of the false "I" that he has in mind at the time of worshipping Allah.


• Though I am the Avatar, I am past sixty and can no longer depend upon my memory, like any worldly man past the age of sixty. There is a proverb that at 60 memory begins to fail, and I will be 65* this 25th February (1958). The fun is that you all are in search of memory, whereas in my case memory seeks me!


• For those on the spiritual path I am the sun, giving them light and life. There are a very few on the path who burn themselves completely in the glory of my light. There are some who warm themselves in the rays of my light, taking care to be away from the intensity of the glory of my light; and there are also others who remain under shelter, keeping themselves shut away front the rays of the glory of my light.


Baba asked at the end, "What shall we do, Ben?" Ben Hayman answered, "I enjoy whatever you do."


Baba said he may not come tomorrow because there is no tomorrow. It is better to have the discourse on:





Introducing the discourse on split "I" Baba said:


You must have heard about split personality. Stories have been developed on this theme. Most of you must have heard of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde—a combination of good and evil characters in one. It is an example of split personality.


Such a thing, to some extent, is common in all. One day a person feels happy and is in a buoyant mood; the sane person, the next day or the next hour, may feel dejected and depressed. One day he does good actions; the next he is engaged in actions which are undesirable.


Just as there is split personality, so there is also split ego. All do not have a split personality, but all do have a split ego—'"I." The real "I" of all is One. There is also false "I" in every individual, which gives rise to his separative existence. The infinite real "I,' which is One and in all, is


*Probably an error in transcription.  The speech is given more fully in Lord Meher, (online edition) Vol. 15, p. 5321:
"Although undoubtedly I am the Ancient One and the Avatar of the Age, yet the Avatar cannot depend on his memory (buddhi). Now I am over sixty years old and am weak in memory. There is a proverb, which Jal Kerawala used to repeat, that after age sixty a man's memory fails. Now, on February 25th, I will be sixty-four, and you will be here to participate in my birthday. You cannot expect my memory to keep me company at the age of sixty-four. But the fun is you all go in search of or seek "memory," whereas memory seeks me and comes in search of me." - webmaster-JK 2009


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