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that the men of Appenzell sing before they start to vote:



Life eternal flows from Thee
In endless surging rivers
And throughout all worlds upholds
The soul of Thy creation.
Oh, the joy I have, I know
You, the Highest of the High
Oh, the love I have from Thee,
Master of my soul.
May Thy presence be my guide,
May Thy name for ever lead me,
May my feet be kept securely
On the path of life divine.


After the song Baba said: This reminds me of the 10th of July. This time no one should keep fast or silence but repeat seven times in a just audible voice (not shout) exactly at midnight between the 9th and 10th of July according to your local time: 'BELOVED GOD, THY WILL




Then Don Stevens read the discourse:



• Love burns the lover.

  Devotion burns the Beloved.


• Love seeks happiness for the beloved.

  Devotion seeks for blessings from the Beloved.


• Love seek to shoulder the burden of the Beloved.

  Devotion throws the burden on the Beloved.


• Love gives: Devotion asks.


• Love is silent and sublime, devoid of outward expressions.

  Devotion expresses itself outwardly.


• Love does not require the presence of the Beloved in order to love.

  Devotion demands the presence of the Beloved to express affection for the Beloved.


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