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dancers, from 2:30 to 3:30, in the Barn. All should be present, and nearly all will have to stand. Eruch stands all day, so one hour for you is not too much. On Tuesday there is a program from the men, a surprise to relax me. If you have not thought of it yet," Baba said to the men, "start thinking."


"In the mornings all should be in the Barn, from 9 to 12 with me. Baba's 9! Every day after the Barn, from noon onwards, I will be in the Lagoon Cabin."


Baba asked what time it was and said, "Baba's time is ten after ten." (It was really ten after eleven.)





I.   In the Beyond-Beyond state of God there is: "Unconscious Inaction."


II. In the state of God-realization, there is: 'Conscious Inaction." This is not the  state of      Perfection but of Liberation (Najaat). In this state there is absolute tranquility which   gives      rise to infinite power, knowledge and bliss.


III. In the Intermediate state (between I & II) there is: "Conscious Action."

 Actions promote sanskaras (impressions). Sanskaras in turn breed more actions and       create bindings: in this state there is bondage.


IV. In the state of Majzoob of 7th plane there is: "Unconscious Action."


V. In the state of Perfect Masters there is: "Conscious Active Inaction."


Perfect Masters are free of sanskaras: they have no impressions. As such, there cannot be room for actions of their own: their life is one of inaction but made active because of the prevailing environmental circumstances. Actions of Perfect Masters are prompted by the environment-atmosphere prevailing then. How are actions prompted? (Baba will explain some time.)





  I. The Beyond-Beyond state of God may be compared with a child fast asleep in a cradle:         it is an example of "Unconscious Inaction."


 ll. The state of the God-realized person (not a Perfect Master) may be compared with a         child wide awake but still in the cradle: this is an example of "Conscious Action." [sic-Inaction]


[sic-should be Conscious Inaction-correction taken from ERRATA Volume 6 No. 1 page 35-webmaster-2008 JK]


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