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• Except God all things are like a passing show. God is never-changing; all else is ever-changing.


• Baba, the Ocean of Love, eternally receives love from the saintly rivers and streams and eternally showers Love on one and all—His Own Selves.


Fana is the state of unconscious consciousness. In Fana, soul is unconscious of everything except Self being God.


AVATAR = GOD-MAN — is Oceanized Individual. SADGURU = MAN-GOD — is individualized Ocean.


• The Eternally Changeless One resides in everything that eternally changes.


• You have to jump over yourself (no somersault) it is impossible without the grace of a Sadguru.


• I simultaneously eat and don't eat; drink and don’t drink; do and do nothing.


God does everything without doing anything.


• If man wants the happiness he is striving for, let him be more aggressive towards himself and more tolerant towards others.


• He who knows everything displaces nothing. To each one I appear to be what he thinks I am.


• Past and future exist only because of the present in which they are both embodied; in the eternal past every second existed as the present and every second of the eternal future will exist as the present.




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