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The Unconscious Infinite ”I”


Due to the Original lahar (whim), the Unconscious Infinite "I" was simultaneously confronted with 1) Consciousness; 2) “Who am I?"; and 3) Illusion;―and manifested into innumerable finite “I's,” and "said":


"I am stone"
"I am metal"
"I am vegetable"
"I am worm"
"I am fish"
"I am bird"
"I am animal"
"I am man"
“I am woman”
"I am body"
"I am energy"
"I am mind"


When Illusion disappears, the Infinite "I," with Consciousness retained, says "I am God."


―Sahavas, February, 1958




The Opposite Pulls


Reality pulls you towards itself, and illusion pulls you towards itself.


If you let go the pull of Reality, you get drowned in the ocean of illusion.


If you lean towards both, you get crushed.


So, through love, let go the pull of illusion and become one with Reality.




Rituals and Ceremonies


The diverse rituals and ceremonies of different religions and cults are intended to release Divine Love, but they mostly bind the soul to the repetitive




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