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like armchair philosophy in ivory towers.


Surrender to Light like a morning bud; the bud opens by the grace of Light; beauty and perfume jump out of it. Surrender your limited individuality to the Infinite, like a humble flowing stream to the ocean. Then you can become the ocean and dance with its waves in ecstasy. Baba is not mum: He speaks to you always in the language of the heart; receive His message of love with conscious love. He knows everything. When you ask and get His grace, His grace is like water; when you force, it is blood; but when His Will gives, it is like pure honeyed milk of Love's abundance. M—is Mercy, E—is Energy, H—is Humility, E―is Equanimity and R—is Realization. Meher Baba is a symbol of God-Realization through love and humility. From man to molecule He is one with all!


It is time that humanity hails Him as a unique personality. It is time that the world recognizes his advent as the unique manifestation of God-conscious Love.



A God we see in human form
     His silent touch brings a reform.
His contact brings a happy new birth,
     His smile, a New dawn upon this Earth.
Hail Meher Baba, Sage of Silence!
     Hail Blossom of Omniscience!
Hail Ancient One of psychic fragrance!
     From above descend, O Mercy, now
Like Light of Bliss in the Lamp of our Love.


II. Thoughts on Avatar Meher Baba



Time after time, the Avatar, Rasool, Saviour, or Paigambar takes human form in varied communities. Out of his infinite compassion, his choice of birth falls on a community whose existing structure of life in all its inner and outer aspects is about to fall. His taking birth in a specific community is to strengthen and reinforce its foundation. To imagine more vividly, his coming down is like an Ocean of Light to dispel the darkness enveloping the spiritual life and aspirations of the people of the community. The blinding effect of the flooding Light creates a natural resistance; so the community in which the Avatar takes birth turns despisingly




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