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The Awakener Magazine


. . . wishes to thank all those who sent in their manuscripts to our Contest.


We enjoyed reading them and truly all were good; it was hard to decide on our prizes. We hope to print the articles in later issues.


. . . our First Prize to: Dr. H. P. Bharucha, Saurashtra, India


. . . our Second Prize to: Y. L. Muniraj, Jabalpur, India


. . . our Third Prize to: S. R. Meshram, Jabalpur, India



. . . and One-Year Subscriptions to:


Mrs. M. D. Bharucha, Nasik Road Station, India
Mrs. Meryl Baulch, Victoria, Australia
K. C. Ray Chaudhuri, Orissa, India
Irene Conybeare, Cape Peninsular, S. Africa
Dana Field, Los Angeles, California
Om Gopalkrishna, Kerala State, India
Mrs. D. M. Gledhill, Yorkshire, England
Carla Patsuris, New York, N.Y.
E. Sathiraju, Andhra State, India
Cowas Vesuna, Navsari, India
Mrs. Alice Davis, Phoenix, Arizona




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