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Messages of Meher Baba

On Knowledge

Knowledge is of three states:



Bahya Dnyan =External material knowledge
Antar Dnyan = Internal Spiritual Knowledge
Brahma Dnyan = Divine Knowledge



1) External material knowledge comprises knowledge of worldly affairs, learning, education and science (Ignorance of ignorance).


2) Internal spiritual knowledge comprises the spiritual experiences of the subtle and mental planes (Ignorance of Knowledge and knowledge of ignorance).


3) Divine knowledge is God's own Infinite Knowledge (Knowledge of Knowledge).




Bahya Dnyan is mastered by very few.
Antar Dnyan is mastered by very, very, very few.
Brahma Dnyan is attained by a rare one.
Brahmadnyani becomes omniscient and also at
the same time becomes the Source of All Knowledge.


—Meherazad, January 20th, 1960



To All Who Love Me


This is to all of you who love Me and obey Me, as well as to all those who would do so. Most particularly it is to all of you who have replied in the affirmative (YES), stating your resolution to obey Me and hold fast to My "daaman" under all circumstances, and, irrespective of whatever may or may not happen, to stick to Me to the very end.


I want you all, My lovers, to take this period of My Seclusion as most important from all angles.


I want you to help Me by helping one another through practicing greater tolerance towards all, even towards those who cause you provocation.




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