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Finally, Baba demonstrates the value of suffering and the need to accept it patiently, even gratefully, since only by ourselves suffering can we ever learn the evilness of inflicting suffering. By paying for mistakes we learn not to make them. He gives us the hope that by obeying these fundamental laws, given for our guidance, we may live this present life with courage and hope, with logic and serenity, and with the realization of life's continuity.


Nine Proofs Upon Which the Coming of the Great Master Is Based

According to Abdul Baba



1. That Great Master will be the educator of the world of humanity.


2. His teachings must be universal and confer illumination upon mankind.


3. His knowledge must be innate and spontaneous, not acquired.


4. He must answer the questions of all sages, solve the difficult problems of humanity, and be able to withstand all the persecutions and sufferings heaped upon Him.


5. He must be a joy-bringer and the herald of the kingdom of happiness.


6. His knowledge must be infinite and His wisdom all-comprehensive.


7. The penetration of His Word and the potency of His influence must so great as to humble even His worst enemies.


8. Sorrows and tribulations must not vex Him. His courage and conviction must be God-like. Day unto day He must become firmer and more zealous.


9. He must be the establisher of universal civilization, the unifier of religions, the standard of universal peace, and the embodiment of all the highest and noblest virtues of the world of humanity.


What the World Needs

By Irene Conybeare


Born into an Oxford rationalistic family,* my brother and I were brought up with no religion at all, in fact we grew up free from any religious bias.


*Sir John Conybeare, author of Conybeare's textbook of medicine, and Dr. F. C. Conybeare, the Oxford Patristic scholar and Armenian expert.




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