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and that he would never see Baba again physically. The boy, however, must agree to obey four specific orders given by Baba, and then one day, he would find Baba in his heart. The four orders were:


  1. "He should be free from Kamavasna (lust), and should never touch a woman during the whole of his life.

  3. Instead, he should always think of realizing the Divine Beloved, i.e., God.

  5. He must never touch money, and must beg for his food.

  7. As a Guru-Mantra (sacred word from the Master), he must keep repeating, night and day, God's Name―Om Hari Narayan—of his own choosing.


"Without the slightest hesitation, the wonderful little boy accepted these difficult conditions for obeying the orders given by Baba and thus was able to find a Guru of his own heart. Baba then left. And the boy stays there in the woods of Rishikesh, famous for the black scorpions, the numerous snakes and occasional tigers. He showed no fears at all, being upheld by the inner urge for God-Realization, which made him leave the safety and comfort of home to find his true Guru in the shadow of the great Himalayas.


“The next day, a photo-medal engraved with Baba's photograph, a book on his life, and a mat to sit on and some flour to eat were sent by Baba's orders, as Guru-prasad (gracious gift from a Guru)."


Thus in the holy hills of Rishikesh was played out an incident of spiritual sight and insight; the humble, brave little boy who recognized the Master at once, and the pretentious sannyasi who could not.



By Joseph Harb


This visit by Dr. Ben Hayman and myself to see Baba had been much delayed for reasons of Baba's work. In August, 1959, the time was set for March, 1960, then the date was changed to September, 1960, and then again to December first. But at last the happy day had arrived and we were once again to be in the presence of Beloved Baba!


On November 26, 1960, I left for India. My beloved friends, Ted Hajjar, Fred and Carolyn Frey, and my dear wife, Kari, and her aunt, Mrs.




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