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Meher Baba




God's Leela




Sense of Humor


God's Leela is Divine Fun. It is the expression of the divine sense of humor on the part of His Great Ones (Masters), and, as such, volumes can be written about God's sense of humor.


The ordinary sense of humor is present in every individual, more or less. The difference between the more and the less is so great that we think that some people have the sense of humor and some are without it. The distinction is made according to the individual capacity of expressing the sense of humor and of responding to same.


This ordinary sense of humor in an individual does not undergo any change merely on account of any spiritual advancement or because of the Divine enlightenment of the individual. Not only the sense of humor, but the ordinary individual nature as a whole of a person remains unchanged, no matter how far one is advanced or one is enlightened.


The scope and range of God's sense of humor through Avatars, prophets, sadgurus and saints, however, differ according to the scope and range of their respective duties in accordance with the prevailing time and circumstances. But the form of the expression of and the extent of the response to the sense of humor both ordinary and Divine, depends upon the original ordinary nature as a whole of God's Great Ones.


I may be the Avatar or the Shaitan (devil), but I have a great sense of humor. It is because of that that I feel happy to come in contact and to deal with men like Babadas and Anna the "104." The more he talks irrelevantly, the more I like Babadas. It would be no exaggeration to say that he is unlimitedly irrelevant. When Babadas now referred to Kalidas, the great poet, and to Surdas, the great devotee, there was absolutely no connection between the two, the topic in question and Babadas himself, except the common factor of the word das at the end of the names of the three of them.


Anna is a type which is more than enough to tire out the patience and forbearance once of saints and sages, (rishis and munis) and all here are practically anti-Anna. I know that most of you here would heave a sigh of relief the moment Anna were to go out of the picture. You also know that I cannot help humoring them both and that, at times, I go much out of my way in order to keep them near me.


The one point on which none of us here can differ about this precious pair is that, according to their respective abilities and capacities, both of them have rendered great and more or less unique service to me. and I also know that both love me sincerely.


It is said that once Rasul-e-Khuda (the Prophet of Arabia) felt indisposed,




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