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Problems each individual has — petty problems of the world that have nothing but a passing influence or significance. But the greatest of all the problems — the solution of this "struggle of existence", this riddle of life — the problem of "self-realization" which includes all the petty problems of the world and humanity put together, remains unsolved for ages, until a "Master" takes up that mission and helps the suffering humanity, struggling in the meshes of "Maya" to be out of it.


Your dear "Master", as you all know, has taken it on himself to solve it for you all, and expects you as his dear adherents and beloveds to "follow him" wherever he leads you, stepping over all the obstacles that come in the way, disregarding all the difficulties and vicissitudes of life — this life of the earth that is but a passing phase in the great march towards Eternity!


Baba clears the way for you, dearest, and walks in front.


Won't you, beloveds, follow!


And whilst you thus follow him on this Path of Life, Light and Love, won't you keep your faces smiling and feel happy and cheerful as I want you to be! You know how I love you and want you all to be always happy and cheerful! For you are moving with me in an onward march towards the Life where I know Eternal Peace and ineffable Bliss awaits you!


I will write to you individually, sooner.


Meanwhile, with all my Love as ever, always with you,


(Signed) M. S. Irani



Mysore, 16th February 1936


Excerpts . . .


Tell them all that my Blessings and Love ever pour out to those who seek and need, wherever I am, wherever they are and that I AM ALWAYS WITH THEM and help them spiritually, in all their endeavors at a better understanding of a life of Love to which I lead all.


Remember my Love and Blessings are ever present with you. Your work is MY work and what you do for those who come to you for help is done for ME. Selfless Service is MY motto, and as you know, I teach you all by serving all humanity MYSELF.


The varied and various experience they all have, even without at times seeing me, are due to nothing else but this long established inner contact of which they were all unaware until now, but which will now be open and known to them more and more as they gradually go on growing more and more in Love and understanding every new day.


All the "Opposition " . . . is a part and a plan of the great work and as such useful. The participants in this, therefore, need more love and sympathy since they have to play their part . . . that they themselves are quite unaware of what they are doing. The world unfortunately doesn't see this underworking and looking (at) things from above the surface is misguided to believe things that are, in fact, quite the opposite of what they appear to be. But I love them all, poor ignorant dear souls, doing their bit, unconsciously, and fretting and foaming over things they do not understand.


. . . Try to see and feel ME in everything and everyone. This is the real and direct method, but very, very few fortunate souls know it, much less work with its aid.


Give my Love to dear little J . . . He has work to do for me in the future. I love all children and all youth, with their unclouded vision, enthusiasm and energy . . .


I have nothing else but Love to give and to convey.






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