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by Meher Baba – 1947  


Translated from the Persian by FARHAD SHAFA*



Though the embodiment of Truth, oblivious and asleep, YOU WERE

Thus in search of awareness, conscious and awake, YOU BECAME


The seeker and the guide, YOU ARE

The lover and the mast, YOU ARE

The Testament to God, nay Adam itself, YOU ARE

Lo, as the Avatar; YOU CAME


To behold Thy self, the whole and the parts, YOU BECAME

Thus in the multitude of shapes, towards the Baazar, YOU CAME


Gnosis on the path, in Truth is but YOU

In Fana and in Baka, manifested, YOU CAME


You became the ONE, you remained the ONE

Yet towards the many, even again, YOU CAME


You drowned in the ocean, though from the morn of time

The ocean itself, YOU WERE

Your own lover you became, lo as the Beloved, YOU CAME


Many an age you struggled, in the sea of "Come and Go"

Till at last as man, captured in the waves, YOU BECAME


Good and Bad became the watchman of the soul

While reason and knowledge the heart's enchantress, BECAME

Beware, the cause of this affliction, your deeds themselves BECAME



*Ghazal by Meher Baba: dictated March 6, 1947 to Dr. Donkin. Mani sent this to Dot Pierpont [Cooper] May 7, 1970. Mani said that she only knew 30% of Persian and Aloba only knew 5 % English, so later Farhad translated it into English for The Awakener Magazine. - Dot to webmaster-JK, 3-28-12.




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