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Someone in the audience spoke of "extracts" of Baba’s words. I shall give you a very fine story. I won’t name the person, but there was a man when Baba was in very deep seclusion and Baba ordered that nobody should write Him a letter. This man started writing a letter every day for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 days! I said, "What is it this man is doing? I do not understand." I was supposed to give certain information in general to Baba in His deep seclusion, including the letters that I received. After receiving six letters I did go to Baba and said, "This man is mad, he's writing this letter." So He said, "You give him a reply." So I gave him a long reply — he should not do this and this is Baba's decision. So what does he say? He says once upon a time that Meher Baba explained about yoga — that the yoga was such that if you feel very hungry you should not eat, if your tummy is full you must go and eat; if you feel like going to the bathroom, you should not go; and if you do not feel like going, you should go — something like this and that is why he was doing exactly the opposite. Then I wrote to him, "You fool this is all right; it may be a certain type of yoga but Baba never asked you to go and start doing this yoga, especially since Baba has disallowed you to write anything to Him at all, and His word supersedes everything." Then of course he understood and stopped writing. So Baba's word is final.


Q: When did Baba write "the book"?


Let me tell you that He started writing the book as far back as 1922 or 1923 and I was nearby when He was writing. And I had also read two pages of that book - true to His message as He stands for the whole universe. I don't exactly remember what the content of those two pages were because at that time they were not very important to me. I did not know what it was all about. And it was all written in a mixed language, true to His universality. It was in Gujarati, it was in English, it was in Maharathi, in so many languages. And later on, after He completed the book, it was kept somewhere in the U.S.A. Then it was taken to Bombay, kept in a bank, then from Bombay it went to Ahmednagar. It was kept in an Ahmednagar bank vault and from there it was removed; I do not know where it was sent. Actually after Baba left His body, some days later I went to the Ahmednagar cooperative bank and made an inquiry. The manager would not allow me to see the old list of those persons who owned those safe deposit drawers. But he eventually saw that I was not interested in anybody's money but only Baba's book, so he allowed me on the sly and I went and I saw actually the name. It was in the name I think of Sarosh and Ramjoo or Kakabadji but it was removed from there. Where it went I do not know.


Now we have been told by the management to close our meeting. I am very thankful to you for giving your time so much here, and it has been a very happy occasion, and now we have to end up by reciting Meher Baba's prayer. I do not know whether I have the entire prayer by heart; anyway I will begin and all of you should help me to complete the prayer.






Oh God
My whole occupation
And all my desires
In the world,
Of all worldly things,
Is to remember Thee,
And in the world to come,
Is to meet Thee.
This is on my side
As I have stated.
Now do Thou whatever Thou will.
-Adi K Irani




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