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Poems to
Avatar Meher Baba


As the nightingale sings to the rose, so the lovers of Meher Baba sing to Him in poetry, dance, painting, music—in all the arts. As the poet Francis Brabazon said, "Art is an act of love in likeness of itsel.f" Among the English speaking, mostly Western group of Meher Baba lovers, those who give voice to their poetry have now been collected in an anthology. This 110-page volume of poems by some 68 contributors presents the works of poets located throughout the world. A wide variety of perspectives, moods, and loving glances, taken together, form an intriguing composite image of the Beloved.


Included in the book are poems by Mani, Meheru, Delia DeLeon, Maud Kennedy. Filis Frederick, Dr. Donkin, Padri, Aloha, Adi K. Irani, Savak Framji, and Dana Field—some 68 poets in all.


to order remit $5.50  ($5.86 for California residents) to


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