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Baba has also written many other details from the spiritual, metaphysical and saintly standpoints. This will be, needless to say, the greatest Book of the age, since it is written by One, Who, in all fullness and completeness, knows as well as feels Himself to be the One and the Many, at one and the same time, from beginningless Beginning to the endless End.


Like the Master Nanlana Niaz Ahmed, He can say:


"Every time my Friend bears a different name, manifests different signs, yet through all times, the same Face assumes different forms of beauty and grandeur."


One might well read many philosophical accounts, but still remain ignorant, as illumination would be necessary to enable one to realize that Creation might be likened to an immense motion panorama, and that one is in it, and yet, not in it; inside, and yet outside it all.


When some, in the coming Awakening and general push in spiritual consciousness, are made Perfect, and given All-Knowledge, they will be able to look back in time to the days of Adam, and before that, to when they were strange ape-like men, and before that, to when they were the elephant, the horse and the dog; and before that, to when they were some amphibious reptile, and to still before that — they may be able to see the millions of worlds in which they lived, and be able to sing of the millions of Christs! Like the Guru Nanak, they will sing:

  "At His Throne a million prophets,
  And millions upon millions of Ramas,
  And millions of Wayfarers, each clad in a different garb.
  He, the Lord of All, is One, the Chief of all Lords!
  He is the Creator of all that is.
  He is beyond conception and speech;
  His qualities are unnumbered and endless!"





Love is the flower of wisdom's root;
Beauty and joyousness, the fruit.


                                                  ― CARLA PATSURIS




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