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Recent Messages and Activities of Meher Baba


  • "Our very life should be such as to be God's message of Truth in the world. In our everyday life of worldly duties, if Love, Service, Honesty are manifested, renunciation is achieved without renouncing the world."
—January 13, 1959


  • "Don't run away from the world; run away from your own lower self.

    "Don't renounce the world; renounce your own lower self.


    "Don't seek solitude anywhere but within your own self.


    "Silently cry out within your own self, 'Beloved One, reveal Yourself to me as my own real infinite Self.'


    "It is you who are obstructing yourself from finding yourself. So try to lose your lower self in continued remembrance of God—Who is your real Self.


    "Don't become master of disciples till you have mastered your own self.


  • "Meditation is neither devotion nor love. Meditation means mental pursuit in pinning down the object of one's thoughts before one's mind's eye.”

  • "For ages I have been giving in Silence
  • My Silent Message of Love.

    You ask Me for a message from My Silence,

    But Silent are the words of My Silence.

    Silent is Love, and the lover loves My Silence,

    And silently adores Me in My Silence."

—February 25, 1959



  • "Every second in eternity, everyone of us is the same One Indivisible God Who has no second ever, not even on the 25th!"
—February 25, 1959


  • On a request from the Superintendent, Shri B. S. Khare of the Industrial School, Yeravda, Poona, Avatar Meher Baba paid a visit to the School at 10 o'clock on the morning of January 19th, 1959. Baba had, at the outset, expressed a desire that no flowers or garlands be offered to him and that he would just let all those present see him for five minutes and would retire.

When Baba saw nearly 400 inmates, boys of the school, Baba revealed in brief, appropriate to the occasion, an experience of his own life, for the




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