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benefit of the students. The experience runs thus:


"When I was a boy, I used to rob things and eatables from their safekeeping at home, and was full of boyish mischief. But when I grew up, I robbed God outright and became One with Him. You boys can now rob Me of My Love through your love and I bless you all for it."


The above was translated in Marathi and conveyed by Shri B. S. Khare to the 400 boys sitting in front of Baba's seat. Baba then caressed each and every boy with love and blessed him.

—Poona, January 19, 1959



  • Meher Baba, the world-renowned sage of Ahmednagar, stayed in Bombay for nearly one week, during which time thousands of people of all religions and status had the opportunity of his darshan. For the first time during Meher Baba's thirty-three years of observing silence, he agreed to pay visits to St. Joseph High School, Wadala, and to N.S.D. Home for the Blind, Worli, on special requests made by the principal of the school and the Honorary Secretary of the Blind Home.


A two-hour visit was paid by Meher Baba to St. Joseph High School on the afternoon of 13th Friday. The Love-God could not be better humanized than meeting and giving his embrace of love to all the 1,400 boys of the school, Baba said, adding that the boys were at the age of innocence and receptivity to the purity of the Divine Touch. Baba expressed deep satisfaction on the occasion afforded by the principal of the school. Meher Baba further expressed that One Who is God-Realized can, by the touch of the hand, sow the seed of love in the human heart, which takes root and later flowers, spreading its fragrance on the entire life of an individual, inspiring him to serve his fellow beings with dynamic unselfishness.


Meher Baba then distributed sweets to one and all of the 1,400 boys of the school.


Without the slightest trace of fatigue, in spite of the after-effects of his recent motor accident, Meher Baba proceeded to N.S.D. Industrial Home for the Blind directly from Wadala. He was very happy to see the visually handicapped persons working in the weaving and cane sections of the school. Baba deeply appreciated the reverential greetings offered by one blind spokesman on behalf of all the blind inmates of the home. Every one of the inmates offered him a small rose. All of them were delightfully cheered to receive his blessings and prasad of sweets and embrace of love.


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