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"My first contact with Baba was in 1954 when He visited Andhra and Kakinada, the town I lived in. He was then pleased to pay a visit to my house. I should say that Baba then not only entered my house but He entered me also. I attended the Sahavas here in November, 1955, and then He changed me.


"I place this manuscript in Telugu of the translation of God Speaks (book) at Baba's holy Lotus Feet today—the most sacred day for us all, when we have the special good fortune of being in Baba's presence here and enjoying the bliss of His close Sahavas and Grace, and pray that Baba may bless us and this work. The book when printed will be about 300 pages or a little less than the English edition, so beautifully got up by Americans."


It was 9:35 a.m. when Mr. M. Thirumala Rao finished his foregoing speech and offering of the Telugu translation at Baba's feet. and Baba touched it with his hands and handed it back to Mr. M. Thirumala Rao, to enable him to proceed with the printing thereof. The charts were also transcribed and the words therein translated. Baba appreciated the devotion and sincere work of Mr. Thirumala Rao.


The next item was the recitation, with musical accompaniments, by Yogi Shuddhananda Bharati of the English song composed by him for the occasion and which he (in manuscript) placed at Baba's feet. Others in the congregation who knew English repeated it line by line, following the lead of Shuddhananda Bharati.






Blaze, Lights of Victory!
Blow, trumpets of Glory!
Hail, Lord of Love Divine
MEHER BABA, the Ancient One!
Long live Meher, long live Meher,
Long live Meher Our Savior.
This is His holy day of Birth
And this the day of our rebirth;
This is the day of joy and mirth
The day to transcend Birth and Death,
Prophets came and prophets went―
But, who can equal His advent?
He is immortal in our heart
And we are immortal in His heart.
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