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29/8/39: Yesterday morning, Baba asked all of us where God was. People all gave different answers, that he was everywhere, up there, in the heart, etc., etc. Baba not satisfied. He asked me and it occurred to me that the obvious answer was that Baba was God, so I pointed to him on the bed; he was pleased with this answer.


Then he asked where was God not to be found. We all said nowhere, or words to that effect, and then Baba said that God was not to be found in the ego. But, he said, God was everywhere and therefore the ego had no existence but was illusion.


Baba also asked who would dare to see God in filth, in one's feces for example; yet He is in such things.


Yesterday and today, Baba very unwell with a cold in the head and throat, and fever; — international situation probably.


Nonny, Norina, Irene, and one Indian woman all have malaria in the "Links”, probably from Kolhapur, so they get quinine and plasma.


A lot of talk about war of course. Baba says England is so slow, and when he heard talk of a conference, he felt sick. We still can't make out what's going to happen, and Baba likes us to get all hotted up. Confusing:? He puts England's stock up, then down, likewise America: He says he loves England, but she is so slow. We have got a wireless set installed in Baba's room and we all listen to the news bulletins. They are very dull so far, all repetitious.


Baba told me that he would prefer me, in the event of war, to stay with him. If I must go, he would prefer me in Europe, rather than put on to some job elsewhere in India. I go to register tomorrow.


Margaret Craske has been called to bring Falu out with her to India. I wonder if she'll get out with shipping so dislocated.


4/9/39: The following are some of Baba's remarks when we all listened with him to news broadcast that England and France had declared war on Germany:


"England at last has kept her word . . . and will not rest 'till Hitler is crushed. And it will be a long war . . . " Referring to Italy, He said," Poor Mussolini — but he deserves it. Hitler is mad, but Mussolini is mean. Now it will continue 'till the end unless Germany gets frightened and says she won't fight and withdraws. This means the German people will kill Hitler and his leaders for leading them to destruction . . . "


"It was all my will . . .You see me sitting here smiling, but you don't see my universal work . . . "


"Now all the world is excited. You can't imagine it in Europe now — no rest, no sleep . . . "


"This war will be all in the air . . . not like the last . . . Japan and Russia want India. My blessing to England — of all countries today, I love England most.


"It is impossible for Hitler to stop . . . the others won't because they are determined to destroy Nazism. Let us hope America will help with money, etc. That will help a lot — "


After 9:30 p.m. news: "War . . . is inevitable. Essential as a prelude to the great ritual upheaval in the world. If the war has its full run now, the world will witness a devastation it has never yet known; it will spread all over the world; it will be full of surprises — who knows what will happen tomorrow. Who can tell what Russia and Italy will do? China may overthrow Japan. India will get dominion status after the war, but not entire freedom 'till Hindus and Muslims stop quarrelling.


“If war ended in a month — very unlikely — then there will be economic war throughout the world. The war will change entire history and maps will be altered, affecting countries remote from the war.”




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