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The One-Minute Baba Lover


by Filis Frederick



There are several best sellers around, the one-minute manager, the one-minute cook, the one-minute lover, etc., etc. Why not the one-minute Baba lover? Who might say to himself —


1)   I won't worry today - after all, it is Baba's order not to worry!


2)   Right now, if only for the next 5 minutes, I'll try to look happy, that's His order, too!


3)  In fact I'll try to LOOK cheerful, even though I may not be - Baba doesn't like "prune faces!”


4)   Here is one of Baba's own "spiritual secrets" to give thanks to God for TODAY. Maybe I’ll act out this thankfulness by thanking someone else, too.


5)   The other spiritual secret is not to hurt the heart of anyone. Did I hurt anyone's heart today? Let me think. Perhaps I did. Then I'll ask his/her forgiveness a.s.a.p. Maybe send flowers – or a dish of curry?


6)   An American Indian shaman said: "Don't be afraid of the Universe. It is friendly to you!" Good thought to hold for one minute at least: This universe is friendly to me.


7)   Baba said, there's no such thing as failure . . . not to mind if we go three steps ahead and two steps back . . . it's NORMAL! I'm O.K., you're O.K., etc. etc. Can I learn to skate without falling down?


8)  Just for a moment, the next few moments, I'll pretend to BE Baba. And I'll see Myself in everyone. What! Even my boss? Yes, even the boss . . .


9)  I'll take time out to praise GOD IN HUMAN FORM . . . the summit of creation. He came in His Man-form just to help me . . . so I could relate to Him, hear Him, see Him, learn about Him. What a gift!


10) I will carry on a conversation for ONE-HALF HOUR without mentioning ME! No I-I-I-! I double - dare myself!


11) I'll pay two compliments today, to someone, and another someone. It might even be me. I want to feel good about that other one, and myself. Lifts a little of the weight of "impressioned consciousness".


12) Following Baba's Wish - I won't shirk my responsibilities today. What's today's responsibilities? Those bills, that unanswered letter, that phone call to my mother-in-law?


13) For five minutes I'll meditate on this: Whatever situation I'm in, I will remember Baba wants me to be in it. I can research the "why" later in His teachings.


14) One-Minute "time out" for Baba. "Put Me on like a necktie. Think of Me for one minute, at 5 a.m., 12 noon, 5 p.m.," Baba told the men at the Men's '54 Darshan.


15) Today, I'll contact a UFO - YOU FOR OTHERS . . . and fly away. Take you along . . .


16) Here's my best "shorty" thought - Right now, this minute, Baba is LOVING ME better then I can ever love myself. So why am I bellyaching about the lack of love in my life?


17) Think: Baba wants me to fulfill myself, to be creative, to manifest Himself in me. So, I’ll get on with it. Does He really want to manifest as a schmuck?


18) I like this "manager": Say at least one of the three Prayers, once a day.


19) The one-minute heart-warmer: I'll whisper, "Baba, I love You," last thing at night, first thing in the morning.


20) "Who is the host and who is the guest?" Every stranger at my door is Baba. What can I do to welcome Him?


21) Tough spot? Tough character to deal with? "YIELD!" is what one mandali said. " JANÉ DO" is what Baba said - give in. Shalom! Peace! This too, shall pass!


22) I like this one: Baba said that His state is so GREAT that no matter where or when His disciple calls on Him for help, He has to respond . . .


23) A poet said, "Beauty will save the world". I've always loved that, and turned around to find a bit of beauty underfoot.

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