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A Ghazal For My Sisters

By Bhau Kalchuri



  (read at the Women's Meeting, Los Angeles , CA , July 1, 1985)
O Meher! l do not know what You are doing.
But I see the tears of love in the smiling faces of my sisters.
O Beloved! What an arrow You shot at the time of dropping
  Your physical body.
It is now piercing every heart and the sweet pain of the
  wound appears in the form of tears!
O Beloved! Your work is really great and who can understand it?
I find that Your remembrance is smiling in the tears of
  Your lovers !
O Beloved! I feel touched with the love of Your lovers and I
  don't know what to say.
It is Your greatness which is glorified through their love for You.
O Beloved! Humanity forgets You and doesn't care for You!
But when I see Your lovers I find out how much You care
  for them and humanity.
O sisters! Life is a problem as long as it is in illusion!
So why not allow the Beloved to solve this problem rather
  than asking Him to solve other problems?
O sisters! It does not make any difference whether one is a
  man or a woman —
The spiritual path gives entry to that heart which burns in
  the fire of love for the Beloved.
O sisters! You are fortunate to have tears of love for the Beloved.
Know well that the Beloved is right here with you
  And He will make you realize this fact one day —
  Even if you don't want to realize Him!



The Great Moment
The Great Magnet contact made
Never to be broken
Millions of years come and fade
No need for words spoken.
— Heidi Doll




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